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Guide to the new 3.1 Research option

*** What is Magical Research? ***

Researching is a new way of training magic skills predictably, quietly, and without needing mana or learned spells, all at the cost of multitasking. Researching a project will yield a full MIND LOCK’s worth of training in roughly 15-20 minutes depending on which project is selected. This will either be a full lock in one skill or a half-locks in two or three skills.

You can perform research projects silently, say if you’re at an auction or party and in an area without strong mana. Research assures you that you’ll gain a predictable amount of experience in a predictable amount of time. The disadvantages of researching is that you cannot perform a lot of actions while conducting research, as it takes a fair amount of attention to the project at hand.

*** How do you DO research? ***

In order to begin a research project, you must cast an analogous spell called GAUGE FLOW (GAF). This is a UTILITY SPELL that grants you a deeper insight into mana, itself – the energy through which magic flows. Gauge Flow’s mana requirements are 5-100 mana and its duration is 30-89 minutes. From a roleplay perspective, GAF allows you to visualize mana in a more “scientific” way than through simply perceiving the quantity of it.

Once GAF is active, you must begin a research project. Research projects take between 12-20 minutes to complete and are performed in timed periods that you dictate between 30-300 seconds. If a project will take 12 minutes and you research in 300 second blocks, it will automatically reduce the third session to just 120 seconds.

*** Upon completion of an individual session, you’ll see a message like: ***

You make definite progress in your project about Sorcerous Research and decide to take a break.  However, there is still more to learn before you arrive at a breakthrough.

*** You can check your progress towards the project via RESEARCH STATUS: ***

You have completed 45% of a project about Sorcerous Research.  You believe that you’re 1% complete with a portion of research about Sorcerous Research.  You estimate that you will complete it a few minutes from now.

This information is telling me that I’m 45% complete with the total project and 1% complete through my individual research session.

*** Upon completion of the total project, you’ll see a message like: ***

Emotionally exhausted, yet triumphant, you have managed to push ever deeper into the irrational realm of Sorcery.

From a roleplay perspective, research involves actually manipulating graphs and sigils in your field of vision with your mind, as if you were working with quill and paper. You must remain attentive to your project in order to accurately perform the research and commit the results to memory.

You can lose your session AND/OR project by interrupting your work. Interruption of your session will cause you to lose all progress in that session – none of it is saved. However, completed sessions counting towards the total project length will be saved. If GAF is dispelled, released, or if the duration ends before your project is complete, you lose your current session and gradually over time lose the research you’ve performed so far. So try make sure GAF remains active the entire time you work.

*** What can you do and not do while researching? ***

For a good list of research options and things you can and can’t do to multitask while researching, consult the Elanthipedia site’s page for research here: https://elanthipedia.play.net/mediawiki/index.php/Research

*** What do you want to research? ***

Possible research projects can be seen via RESEARCH LIST. As an example, a possible research topic is AUGMENTATION PATTERNS RESEARCH; if you were to undertake this project, it would produce a full mind lock in AUGMENTATION SKILL after completion.

Some projects are dangerous, such as SORCEROUS PATTERNS (Sorcery mind lock) or MANA FIELD THEORY (split of sorcery, attunement, and primary magic). At the end of these projects it is possible to blow your hands off via sorcerous backlash, so be appropriately cautious when using these.