Guide to Outfitting Your Cleric

With some regularity, I get asked how a young cleric should be outfitted. I’ll make a few general recommendations and then list specific things that are essential for cleric training.

Clerics are magic primary, weapons and lore secondary, and survival and armor tertiary. It’s a pretty popular notion that armor-terts should wear light armor, but on the other hand, as a survival tert, it’s unlikely your cleric will be utilizing stealth in combat. I outfitted mine with chain and have been happy with the balance of maneuverability, weight, and protection. Of course, your race will have an impact on how much weight you think appropriate for your cleric.

As weapons secondary, clerics need a heavy dose of weapons skills, and it seems a pretty common problem for younger clerics to keep up with parry training. Clerics require two weapon skills, though the second weapon requirements aren’t particularly difficult to meet. So at minimum, you’ll need to two weapons (or of course, one swappable), and a parry stick is recommended.

Summary of combat equipement:

  • Armor
  • Small shield to be arm worn
  • Two weapons
  • Parry stick

Naturally for any magic primary character, cambrinth is essential. As a side note: many people mistakenly discard their cambrinth ring as soon as they can advance to a larger piece. Size of cambrinth determines the difficulty of using it while worn, so keep your ring and it will be usable earlier-on while worn than the armband you’re likely to procure next.

Clerics require a decent amount of miscellaneous stuff for purposes of Rituals and Theurgy. Below is a list of what I can come up with on the top of my head for cleric specific uses, but feel free to comment with other suggestions:

  • Silver vial or blessed glass bottle
  • Holy Oil (oil plus bless spell)
  • Blessed or sacramental wine (or “deep red wine”)
  • Incense
  • Flint (or lighter)
  • Prayer badge
  • Prayer chain
  • Wood shaper
  • Rough blocks (can be purchased from the Shaman in Dirge)
  • Prayer parchment(s)
  • Inkwell from the artificer shop is required for casting Persistence of Mana, a highly recommended spell

Considerations for the more advanced cleric:

  • Prayer tome to hold multiple prayer parchments
  • Prayer mat to perform devotionals on the fly
  • Carving knife if you’ll want carve your own blocks from limbs
  • Reticule or alabaster staff from the artificer shop for casting Murrula’s Flames (Note: the staff requires knowledge of the Improvised Rituals feat)
  • Musical instrument to perform at an altar
  • An off-mana runestone (Can be focused on to train sorcery early on which can be valuable if you intend to use Idon’s Theft)

These are all in addition to the other things young adventurers should try to procure anyway like belt-worn knives, gem pouches, bundling rope, shoulder-worn bags, etc.

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